Our Services

At NobareQ, we provide full professional consulting and counseling services for you to achieve your home-related financial objectives and ultimate goals.

Mortgage Consulting

Would you like to refinance your home, and not sure if this is right option for you? We can help

Foreclosure assistance

Have you fallen behind on your mortgage, and not sure what to do? We have extensive experience in this area, and we are here to help.


Some owners look to sell their own home to avoid the costly real estate fees. We have been able to assist these types of owners, and sometimes pay their asking price.

Happy house owner

House under water

Two or three mortgages on your property, and the realtor is having you overprice your home to cover the expenses, and their cost? We have an unknown strategy for creating equity in your property. We can create equity in your home and get it sold!!

Credit Counseling

Have you been denied the American dream and want to own a home one day? We provide our clients with a pathway to ownership.